Gurkha Trousers, Inspired by Nepali Soldiers

After thousands of years have passed, witnessing countless fads emerge and then disappear. Surely everyone thinks the latest fashion trends are the most fashionable and up-to-date. However, there is one thing in the fashion industry that few people notice, that is the repeat of fashion trends of the previous generation. Not necessarily the same imitation, but it is an imitation and improvement to suit the modern world. Gurkha trousers is a typical pair for a revival after more than 200 years into oblivion.

History of the first gurkha trousers.

Gurkha trousers takes its name from the elite soldiers of Nepal. When Nepal, also known as the Kingdom of Gorkha, was attacked by the British army with six times the number of soldiers in 1814. Even so, they resisted, not succumbed to the end. both food and ammunition.

In the end, Nepal still suffered defeat due to being overpowered, and Gurkha soldiers with courage and tenacity were recruited into the British army. The gurkha pants were also specially designed by the British Army for this army. The most prominent feature of the pants is the front part is designed with double folds, high waist section with waist attached to the pants to create comfort for soldiers when moving.

Old idea, new soul, new gurkha trousers with modern direction was born.
Originally they were Gurkha shorts but have now been converted to trousers with similar designs. For those who are passionate about creativity and romance, gurkha is an option not to be missed. Unlike any other design product, gurkha offers a form that is both polite and luxurious while still comfortable without being tied down. You can wear almost any outfit as well as accessories without having to think as much as wearing a suit.

Gurkha combined with suit is a perfect choice for those who love the newness while retaining the inherent elegance of the suit.

Combining with turtleneck sweater brings elegance and clear division of body parts.

gurkha trousers kết hợp sơ mi

Main design of gurkha trouser
In today's design, most gurkha trousers have buckles on both sides. However, sometimes only on the left side, depending on the preferences of each person as well as each designer. Only the double fold does not change over time.

For those with a small waist, gurkha could not be more perfect. It both helps the hips feel larger and lessens the use of bulky belts. The only downside of gurkha is probably the complicated design that requires elaborate tailoring, it will be quite difficult to find a gurkha right to wear. For these reasons, the gurkha trousers has become an indispensable item for the modern gentleman.

gurkha trousers vintage

There are two common types of waistband is high and low like normal pants. The high waistband will be the option for guys with long legs, while normal leggings will be more suitable for guys with modest height. Many people still think that short people cannot wear gurkha, but just replace the leggings a bit smaller and tell the tailor to help the length to fit the ankle that you have cheated on the height quite a lot.

gurkha trousers kết hợp áo phông

With what's going on, the gurkha trouser will probably be a new breeze in the modern gentleman's style in the near future.

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